Wednesday, October 31, 2012

For My Sifu log - hit color ride , jewelry and control ...

For My Sifu log - hit color ride , jewelry and control ...
Color with a hit has become the hottest topic in fashion circles this year ~ and small powder in Qingdao the zara scouring the pile of clothes , my waist wide leg pants with a green shirt and flesh pink blue pattern hit to the body pants my first fancy to in the dressing room hesitate S and xs effect , S code a bit , but the XS a little short Fenfen see me hesitant , and so decisive start the XS to younger sister the best understanding of me ...... next the sisters loaded walk up to ! The body of this necklace is still from Ulan home bought to her there almost became my jewelry house to every time you want to buy jewelry , the first reaction is to open Ulam the TB shop to look at this girl write those warm words, always feel very comfortable to cold jewelry , also has its own significance to powder students not to force ah ~ necklace are hidden in the clothes , and you did not tell people cry ...... blouse & high waist wide leg pants : zara the glowing color shiny stone necklace , with the cool colors of iron wallets wrapped to a bit heavy to good ride to particularly suitable for monotonous clothes , accompanied it super eye-catching to Ulan store rave amethyst stone necklace to start with this one dress with ~ so keep with a bunch of stones , considered as the price of cabbage to color purple is noble and mysterious to the very significant temperament to me in considering whether to use it to jewelry and clothing impact color ? More before the start of that purple fairy tale fable Daiyue Xi Huan ~ pink just arrived , I immediately grab the one to really nice ... and tender colors to pink girls are hard to resist color to

The Shoushan stone scrap the new uses

The Shoushan stone scrap the new uses
■ the reporter Li Bailei Fuzhou Evening News WASHINGTON ornaments put it down (pictured) . Sun Qing , the store owner , the stone itself is not very valuable , but carefully carved , the value turned good times, some small necklace ornaments will be able to sell more than 2000 yuan . Sun Qing made ​​more than 10 pieces Shoushan stone jewelry , no one repeated addition to bracelets and neck ornaments , mobile phone ornaments , purses, ornaments and so on . Shoushan stone make jewelry colorful , white , green, yellow , red , brown and other colors , carved motif and modeling Totem the Bogut class , animal brave class . Except Shoushan stone has almost every piece of jewelry on silver , copper and other materials of diverse accessories . The original ecological things such as silver , copper , turquoise , amber, beeswax and other accessories are back from Yunnan , Tibet , Taiwan and other areas , it is because they set off my jewelry more Chinese flavor . Ching said.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Why is a particular Type of sunglasses Well-liked?
Maybe you have asked yourself why is a particular type of sunglass, therefore well-liked? A specific type of sunglass gets well-liked since it is exclusive, fashionable and could sometimes be considered a small unusual. Maybe you have examined the actual oh yea therefore well-liked center formed eyeglasses? You may be locating the designs as well as colours really odd- however it’s this that offers created all of them among the best retailers. Center formed eyeglasses tend to be typically the most popular make of cup obtainable in the actual shops these days. Individuals who put on these types of eyeglasses certainly remain aside from all of those other group in a event, exactly where these people show off this particular eyeglasses. Particular types of eyeglasses are simply to become promoting such as warm cakes in a particular period from the 12 months. The actual design might be associated with a meeting (sports) or even an event which makes all of them well-liked. If you feel regarding center formed sunglasses, you will be aware these would be the top selling particularly throughout Valentine's. Sports activities designed eyeglasses using their unique motifs as well as trademarks tend to be match for just about any wearing occasion, that helps you to display your own assistance for that group or even activity you like towards the globe. Celebs, such as regarding sports activities sunglasses, generally market a few fashionable types of eyeglasses. Athletes like to show off just about all unusual designs as well as colours which are used through others additionally. This particular can make all of them well-liked one of the customers, who would like to appear much like a common celebs. Celebs will also be observed putting on sunglasses within their function for example songs movies -- Marilyn Manson experienced utilized all of them inside a songs movie, that may help to make rave evaluations. This is the way the actual product sales associated with this kind of eyeglasses acquired impetus. There are lots of unusual types of eyeglasses which have gain popularity within the last couple of years. These types of sunglasses tend to be recognized to produce a style feeling one of the customers. Unusual formed sunglasses consist of group, sq ., rectangular shape as well as oblong happen to be well-liked because their own intro because of their originality as well as unusual appear. People who like to test out colours as well as designs, frequently choose this kind of eyeglasses, in order to remain aside from all of those other group. You will discover which triangle formed eyeglasses tend to be a lot wackier compared to other forms associated with eyeglasses -- however it's created all of them the very best retailers. Individuals, that search for a few various designs and appear, frequently choose these types of eyeglasses because they would like to display a good outgoing as well as fun character. Design is actually something which provides anyone the assured character as well as celebrity attractiveness. Putting on picky custom sunglasses which are not the same as other types within the shop is unquestionably a lot more appealing for your brand new style declaration.
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Friday, October 26, 2012

MM who absolutely can not miss - Na Di brand ladies fashion showed off a decent taste clothes

MM who absolutely can not miss - Na Di brand Women Women's colors is a science , with good icing on the cake with the bad , another beautiful clothes seem dull , and even appear to look good , but I like the wild clothes , now look and see, okay , on the map slightly! love beautiful , love yourself , one-third , and seventh of the dress , the woman should learn to love yourself , do not do Huanglian Po on why to change it , why add a warm sweater , happiness over this winter ! The Avantgarde people showed off the impressive taste clothes The # Aukoala snow boots fashion the that # Vancouver fashion stylist IvyX . Latest early autumn dresses look ! IvyX. WHITE Slim T-shirt with sky blue denim shorts , the simple whims full trend range of children . And then with bare -color knit cardigan , fashion full of flavor , light brown leather thin belt light waist body , so a simple knit cardigan different kind of decent ! IvyX. The foot of Aukoala tassel snow boots chic design , one sheep wool the boots body with fine tassel leisurely release a gorgeous atmosphere also fusion tide flavor clothes look hue for derived depth fashion twist of taste !