Friday, November 9, 2012

I choose to believe that "things happen" that I can't explain in rational

Rituals That Work - Superstition Or Truth?
You know the feeling don't you? You're preparing for a "big day" or a "big game" or a "big date" and something inside tells you that you just have to connect to that special symbol of support and confidence. Does it work?I was reminded this week about the power of rituals when my daughter shared a story with me about a group of guys who went to great lengths to call in that special "ju-ju"...that power...that mojo...that "thing" that was going to insure that they would be successful.They wore specific, symbolic clothing, played music compiled just for the occasion, even rubbed their bodies with a relic of their previous success. They all participated. They all believed. They all embraced the potential of that power.And they achieved their desired result!Was it luck? Or the power of faith? Or some rational, reasonable result based on the number of previous attempts and slight alterations that perfected the plan?Call it superstitious if you wish. Just like synchronicity and serendipity, I choose to believe that "things happen" that I can't explain in rational, reasonable ways when I use physical, visual forms to support my faith in possibilities. It has happened for me, just like it happened for my daughter's friends.Is it silly? Yes, by most people's standards. Am I crazy? You decide.More importantly, is there any harm in carrying a lucky rabbit's foot?Or wearing a favorite jersey on game day? Or always painting your toenails red before you deliver a public speech?And if I feel confident, self assured, and supported...if I believe I can call on a "super power" by connecting to a ritual or object of faith, then why shouldn't I?Especially when I have seen validation with my own eyes!Where does that power come from? It comes from the setting of the intention.By dressing in symbolic clothing, playing custom music, and anointing themselves, that group of men focused their intentions on one very defined goal. Every action they took that day was taken with a targeted objective in mind. With visual, auditory and sensory cues surrounding them, the group couldn't possibly lose focus.So it's no surprise to me that they achieved their goal. And they'll achieve it again...and again...and again.What rituals do you use in your daily life? Do you have any superstitious habits you use to support you? Will you share your success stories?Please do...I know we'd all love to hear them,UGG 5803 Chocolate Bailey Button! And send me your photos, too.I wish for you everything you dream, and more!Nanette
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