Wednesday, November 14, 2012

pound the table efforts mesh eyes

Talking about how to improve the meeting management level
Meeting management, seemingly simple, but really well, but the difficult thing for the secretary or comparable to the rest of the administrative office staff. Industry popular word, called: The real conference management well,UGG 5803 Chocolate Bailey Button, no easy task. In practical work, or is not debate, or is proposed rather uncertain, or make decisions without, all these are kept industry. Before meeting without preparation of meetings, you might as well not attend a meeting, this meeting is bound to be a failure of the Conference. Thus, meeting recruiting must do the preparatory work of the conference. The notice of the meeting shall specify the meeting time, meeting location, participants, conference topics, request the participants to carry a laptop or reporting information in the notice of the meeting must Remark clarify content. So, the participants before they have come prepared. The accurate choice meeting situation normal extraordinary meeting, and are based on the number of participants gathered in a meeting in a conference room, let's call it the Followed by the development of information skills, meeting more and more forms, meeting grade also appears to be increasing. Emerging vocabulary, such as television and telephone conference Original, QQ, MSN, SKYPE chat feature length of the meeting. Combined with video equipment, among participants can hear each other speak, and can see each other, meeting the consequences of a little less than hall-style Such meetings because complete rely on network exist, thrift travel, and conference materials cost fees expense, simple and economic, which we call the Network-style Will not debate, not the session to emphasize the quality of the meeting. Call a meeting, the meeting Smoking whisper, late late for the meeting, the meeting time is too long, at grumble after scene, are meeting the quality is not high, will wind model of bad example. First, ordinary meeting convened process must be delineated in three roles: First, the host, is recorded scheduling people. These three roles, the Chairman of the meeting to play the role of a main line, whose responsibility is to publish the meeting beginning proposed meeting agenda, control of the time, the rail system of the executive session, the wrap-up session content, tracking the outcome of the meeting. Scheduling, play master of all theme of the meeting, the prevent stray role. Individual responsible for the highest positions by participants, responsible for holding of order, closely linked to the issues to talk about, designated spokesman, wrap-up meeting the pros and cons. Able to set up a . Records of people, the main points of the meeting with details of the specific records, prepare minutes of the meeting, so that after make objective assessment of the meeting. Records play a support role, responsible for properly documented meeting points and distribute meeting minutes, the final confirmation of the executor and completion time. Secondly, the development of the system of meetings, strict Conference discipline. A business has a live donation must be in a shocking state or shutdown condition. Why should bump the word As the essential requirements of the fast and agile, and such a disposition made by the talent in the first time, know the fault where the punishment is not the goal, but not to commit the same primary problems penalized by the implementation of a system. In addition, corporate meetings should not have to think outside the box. Some corporate meetings, walked into the venue will be able to feel the atmosphere of a death of gas heavy. There was fear in the meeting room, published my opinion, afraid of their own point of view against the other, so trade-offs of silence. But wait until the end of the meeting, will be full of complaints. Some companies meeting atmosphere was the opposite, participants speak freely, it is endless, sometimes fierce arguments for a problem, pound the table efforts mesh eyes, seating his opinion discusses their point of view, John Doe, according to the management maintain the program they want, at this time is determined by the host or scheduling people to take which program, regardless of the receiver who plan, but out of the conference room, still we are anxious, may severely to fulfill the program of the meeting decided. The same meeting, the former brought a vicious cycle of the latter brought a virtuous circle, constitute good will wind is a lot of wrangling with the problem will be solved, this is the will while meeting meetings and decisions, decisions and the line. Inspection work can not be ignored addition to conference organizers told the organizational meeting of a task is the protection of the meeting decided to work obligations have been fully implemented. Many companies meet many of the incidents at the decision, however, often do not understand that the completion time of the task on the spot after the long delay in completing tasks. Support people at the meeting after adequate to investigate a matter, need to be immediately resolution of this matter the person in charge, need harmony part, and time. Then, the conference organizers stopped the meeting to be checking the supervision of the completion of the case for various things, only good review (check) this part of the meeting was the ultimate governance true police come to an end. (Huang Liangcong)

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