Thursday, November 8, 2012

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Atlas Model Trains - The Story of an Immigrant Who Became a Model Railroad Tycoon
For a period of sixty years, the Atlas brand has been one of the leading makers of train models, including manufacturing the model train track and other accessories. The company has also overseen plenty of innovative inventions that continues to exemplify the company as an international brand. Atlas is a business that was started by one family and also paved the way for its sister company known as Atlas O.Among avid model train enthusiasts, the Atlas brand and its history is especially well-known. The brand was conceptualized by a young man known as Stephan Shaffan Jr who was very inventive and had moved from his native Czechoslovakia to New Jersey. He initially worked for his father for while but later on began making models just as a fun pastime. Shaffan Jr initially began creating model airplane. However, he then switched to model trains after he was given some model trains by the proprietor of a model airplane.Shaffan Jr came up with an innovation that allowed the miniature trains to slow down while they are moving on the track. This was done by altering the electricity voltage on the brass tracks using a connected switch. He then started the Atlas Model Railroad firm which used a switch set as the flagship model for the company. Shaffan Jr. was the same inventor who was responsible for the creation of plenty of many other accessories that have revolutionized this industry.The company later became Atlas Model Trains and came up with the first pre-assembled rail tracks. This would make it much easier for train enthusiasts to assemble the rails. In addition, the Atlas models were made with painstaking detail and often were created in the likeness of actual passenger or cargo trains,UGG 5803 Mushroom Bailey Button.With the overwhelming success from these humble beginnings, the company has continued to thrive and even has began to develop HO and N scale models. In addition to this they have also introduced industrial rail lines.This company has no doubt come a long way and its rich history has served as a platform on which all its subsequent success can build upon. The company still holds a large share of the current model train market and strives to maintain the same spirit of the founder, which is to create magnificent trains that provide enjoyment to enthusiasts not only in the United States but also all over the world.
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